Welcome to the internet home of the Evil Twin of the
mid-Missouri, USA groove collective known as 'Los Desterrados'...
The Pirates Alley

The Pirates Alley Exiles, or "Exiles" is the profane and chaotic counterpart to the Los Desterrados groove collective.
While the Desterrados combine more ethnic and cultural influences in their experiment, the formula for the Exiles is simply to gather some of the best musicians in Central Missouri and rock out as loudly and drunkenly as possible... The lineup will continue to vary, as each member of the group temporarily "exiles" themself from their other bands in order to come out and jam. Thus far, a typical Exiles set will gravitate toward rock, blues, and drunken pirate songs.

Where does ones find these 'Exiles'?

A recent article about the Pirates Alley Exile Headquarters

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